Get to know our partners and exquisite suppliers of the best wood flooring in the country

Exclusive Distributor (Only at Hölzer)

The highest quality of wood flooring solutions from Austria. Natural wood flooring options suitable for every need with guaranteed longevity. Up to 20-100 years of durability against bacteria, scratches, and damage. Enjoy the luxury of urban lifestyles with Mafi floorings that you can only find at Hölzer.

Prestigious high-end parquet flooring from Sweden offers the perfect quality flooring any place wishes for. Add a complement to your residential or commercial place with the never-ending classic Chevron Parquet designs that you can find only at Hölzer.


The best durable flooring choice considering longevity. Bionyl provides water protected v-groove wood flooring that is tested for heavy residential usage. Guaranteed protection against scratches, water splashes, and bacteria. Have Bionyl, have less to worry about.

One of the largest Polish manufacturers of high-end wood flooring. Known for their devotion to high-quality standards, KronoPol provides products with immunity to ultraviolet light, very good damage, scratch, and moisture protection.

All bamboo flooring is engineered, meaning the strands of grass are sliced and shredded, then pressed back together with heat and glues to form the flooring boards. They are more durable and resistant to water than other materials

Classen is a German trademark that was proven to provide highly durable, water-resistant floors that can be easily installed due to its special lock joints. It comes in various shapes, sizes, and finishes (laminate, cork, design floors). A very dynamic and developing brand.

World’s leading manufacturer of wood-based panels. Krono Original products undergo 12 quality guaranteed procedures including anti-bacterial coating, R10 anti-slip class, micro scratch protection, stain-resistance, anti-static, and more!

A wide variety of highly resilient wood flooring produced in the German and Austrian factories of Egger are offered at Hölzer. Laminate coated, damage, and scratches resistance while being very affordable compared to other brands.

Enjoy a cost-effective high-quality aesthetic laminate flooring that gives you an enormous latitude of installment around the house and adjoining rooms. Pamper yourself with a pleasant-to-walk-on floor that is easy to clean, resistant to water and scratches. Bring nature in with Kronotex’s durable flooring.